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Why are cases of knee osteoarthritis on the rise?

CBS This Morning—August 15, 2017

CBS This Morning featured HSS primary care sports medicine physician Jordan D. Metzl, MD in a segment about how to protect your knees from osteoarthritis. According to the segment, osteoarthritis in the knee is more than twice as common as it was a few generations ago.

Dr. Metzl said the possible causes of arthritis are physical inactivity, diet, inflammation and footwear. He added that inactivity can weaken the bones and cartilage. "Cartilage responds to stress by becoming tougher," he said.

During the segment, Dr. Metzl showed two different x-rays and compared a healthy knee to an arthritic knee. He explained that a healthy knee shows a space between the bones, while an unhealthy knee does not have a gap.

Dr. Metzl advised muscle strengthening, such as squats and lunges, helps with strengthening the knees.

He noted that he does not want patients to feel discouraged if they have osteoarthritis in the knee or become inactive. He said osteoarthritis in the knee can be reversed by staying active with regular exercise.

This story originally appeared at CBSNews.com. This aired during the August 15, 2017 broadcast.


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