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New Helmet Technology Isn’t A Cure-All For Football’s Concussion Issues

CBS Sports—May 23, 2017

Due to the number of collisions in football, head trauma has been a primary concern for players. CBS Sports discussed if new football helmet technology can provide athletes a safer environment. Teena Shetty, MD, neurologist at HSS, shared her thoughts on the new technology.

"New helmet technology may be beneficial for football’s problem of concussions. However, I do not believe that any new helmet can ultimately thoroughly solve the problem, as individuals will still be experiencing head collisions and impacts," said Dr. Shetty.

Dr. Shetty added that the best way to avoid danger is by creating "an atmosphere where players feel safe and comfortable reporting symptoms of a head injury," since "the most dangerous scenario is when a player returns to the field before they are fully recovered."

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