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Health and Well Being: June 13, 2017

WCBS 880—June 13, 2017

WCBS 880's radio program Health and Well Being with Pat Farnack interviewed HSS rheumatologist Michael D. Lockshin, MD on his new book, "The Prince at the Ruined Tower". The book is about the uncertainty of chronic illness.

In the interview, Dr. Lockshin stressed the importance of communicating to the patient as an individual in order to form the best diagnosis and treatment. "Human beings are very different from another, and even if you label them with the same diagnosis, they still differ hugely," he said.

He discussed the troubles physicians face when trying to make a diagnosis after only one interaction with a patient. Due to form requirements that state a diagnosis must be made after one meeting, physicians feel afraid to state an inaccurate diagnosis.

Dr. Lockshin said the current practice of medicine should become more personalized. "I am optimistic because I think there's enough people in this world...who feel the way I do, and will see this change into a less bureaucratic and more personal medicine in the future."

This segment originally appeared at NewYork.CBSLocal.com.


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