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Genetic testing can help determine safest dose of warfarin

Cardiovascular Business—September 27, 2017

Cardiovascular Business reported on a study, recently published in JAMA, that stated that genetic testing could help doctors determine the proper dosage of a blood thinner for joint replacement patients. HSS rheumatologist Anne R. Bass, MD, co-authored the study and explained that the blood thinner warfarin is very effective in preventing blood clots, but it is difficult to regulate.

"About half of the population, because of genetic variants, is very sensitive to warfarin or has a very unpredictable or delayed response to the drug. This is the first study to show that adjusting the dose based on these genetic variants makes warfarin safer for patients," Dr. Bass said.

The article reported that the researchers studied 1,597 patients undergoing joint replacement surgery. Patients who received genotype-guided doses of the blood thinner reportedly had a significant decrease in adverse effects.

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