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MI more prevalent in heart patients after orthopedic surgery

Cardiovascular Business—August 1, 2017

Cardiovascular Business reported on a new study by HSS anesthesiologist Michael K. Urban, MD, PhD, which found a high incidence of cardiac complications following orthopedic surgery for heart disease patients.

"Cardiovascular events are the most serious complications after major orthopedic surgeries, and patients with myocardial ischemia are at significant risk," said Dr. Urban. To prevent cardiac complications for patients and improve outcomes, Dr. Urban suggested identifying patients with elevated troponin levels.

Dr. Urban added, "as demand for orthopedic surgery continues to rise, it is imperative that we identify more effective and efficient ways to reduce post-surgical complications. We believe measuring troponin levels in high-risk patients after orthopedic surgery can advance the management of patients with heart disease and reduce complications."

Read the full article at cardiovascularbusiness.com

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