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A physical therapist explains how to recover from a tough workout

Business Insider—August 15, 2017

Business Insider featured HSS physical therapist Erica Fritz, PT, DPT, OCS in a video explaining how to recover from a tough workout. Fritz said delayed onset muscle soreness usually happens 24 to 48 hours after exercise.

"One of the most important things for muscle recovery and for your body is to make sure you stay hydrated. We see a lot of athletes, especially in athletic training, who are dehydrated and that's a very dangerous thing," said Fritz.

Fritz added that stretching and massage are important to reduce muscle pain and discomfort. "So we really use foam rolls a lot at Hospital for Special Surgery with all of our athletes. If you ever see us at a Road Runner event or a race, we'll have foam rolls out. Because getting on a foam roll can help lengthen the muscle, but it also really is effective at reducing soreness and discomfort."

Lastly, Fritz advised to rest and give yourself time to recover after a tough workout.

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