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Surgeons Are Ditching Opioids for Ibuprofen and Novocain in the OR

Bloomberg—July 6, 2017

Bloomberg featured HSS anesthesiologist-in-chief Gregory A. Liguori, MD in an article about how doctors are avoiding the use of opioids for patients after surgery and leaning towards alternative methods for pain management. According to the article, more surgeons are providing regional anesthesia by targeting specific joints in order to prevent opioid addiction as well as to reduce the length of hospital stays.

Regional anesthesia has been embraced at top orthopedic hospitals, including HSS, although it requires more work, training and follow-up to be able to place catheters and ensure they continue working. "HSS has a fellowship program that promotes expertise in diverse forms of pain control, including regional anesthesia," said Dr. Liguori.

According to Dr. Liguori, specialists in diverse forms of pain control are very high in demand.

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