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Beyond the Dream: Dr. Bernard Rawlins

Dr. Bernard Rawlins grew from humble beginnings to become an incredible spine surgeon

Fox News—May 25, 2013

Bernard Rawlins, M.D., is a spine surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery with a comprehensive spine practice that spans the entire gamut of spinal disorders from cervical (neck) spine to scoliosis in both the adult and pediatric population.

Dr. Rawlins is a surgeon who seeks to help patients overcome their problems. On his path to become a noted spine surgeon he had to overcome some challenges himself in pursuit of living his life. He moved to America from Ghana in pursuit of the American dream. Devoted to a life of education and study, he earned a degree in applied engineering at Columbia University. Then, after attending medical school at Cornell, he became a successful orthopedic surgeon.

View the segment at video.foxnews.com.


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