Best Sneakers For Your Sport—March 10, 2008

If something has inspired you to start a fitness regimen or get back into a sport you once played, do yourself a favor. As you prepare for that first outing, skip the trip to your closet for your two-year-old pair of sneakers.

Not only are they broken down, but they were probably never meant to support the type of motion you're about to subject them to, whether it's a long hike, a game of tennis or marathon training.

Just don't assume that walking into any retailer with a wad of cash will solve the problem. Much like love, money can't necessarily buy you the right sneaker, either.

"People get sucked into what shoe looks pretty, which star is supporting which shoe," says Dr. Rebecca Demorest, an assistant attending physician at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York and team doctor for USA Rowing. "But an expensive shoe doesn't mean it's a better shoe."


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