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Time is on the Ravens' side as QB Joe Flacco recovers from Kiko Alonso hit and concussion

The Baltimore Sun—October 27, 2017

The Baltimore Sun featured HSS neurologist Erin E. Manning, MD in an article about recent concussions affecting Baltimore Ravens football players.

The article reported that due to their season’s schedule, Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco will only play one game in 23 days. Dr. Manning said with longer stretches in-between games athletes have more time heal.

"It’s very difficult for players to come back when there’s only a week before games. It’s hard to get through the protocol in that time. The 10-day timeline, it seems like it’s definitely reasonable, but not everyone responds to concussions in the same way…. It varies so much from person to person. It’s really important to give the brain time to recover after the concussion because it is a brain injury," Dr. Manning explained.

She added that there is typically a slow return to activity for athletes since light exercise can cause their symptoms to return.

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