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Keeping a Firm Grip on Your Grip

Autumn Years Magazine—September 7, 2017

Autumn Years Magazine featured a bylined article by HSS hand and upper extremity surgeon Daniel A. Osei, MD, MSc about the cause and treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Dr. Osei explained the condition arises from too much pressure on the median nerve.

If left untreated, the condition tends to get worse. Dr. Osei said that carpal tunnel is often detected early because it causes significant pain for those affected.

When discussing treatment options, Dr. Osei recommended wearing a splint to keep the wrist straight, taking anti-inflammatory medication and sometimes trying physical therapy. If conservative treatments fail, Dr. Osei noted that patients might decide to have surgery to make more space in the carpal tunnel.

Read the full article at omagdigital.com [page 18]. This article was featured in the Fall 2017 print issue. 


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