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As Doctors See Growing Wave of Strain-Induced Injuries, Resurface Replacement Now an Option

NY1—November 2, 2016

NY1's health reporter Erin Billups reports on hip resurfacing. She follows Laura Paulus, a patient of Edwin P. Su, MD, hip and knee surgeon at HSS. Laura is very active and had tried multiple unsuccessful treatment options to relieve hip pain.

"People are doing so much more now. They're putting strain on their joints and with the structural issues that may predispose them to arthritis, they're wearing them out sooner and sooner," said Dr. Su.

With resurfacing, "we don't have to cut away the top of the bone, we just shape it and put a metal cap on it with a metal socket and that becomes the new joint," said Dr. Su.

Watch how Laura got back on her feet quickly after her surgery and is getting back to running.

 This segment originally appeared at NY1.com.


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