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Holiday Hazards

Arthritis Today—October 23, 2017

Arthritis Today featured HSS rheumatologist Dee Dee Wu, MD in an article about how those with arthritis can prevent health hazards during the holiday season.

According to the article, those who take immunosuppressive drugs for arthritis are at an increased risk of getting sick. To prevent infection, Dr. Wu said that hand washing is the easiest way to fight germs.

The article reported that skipping medication during the holidays can lead to worsening pain, inflammation and disease progression. "Outcomes are definitely better when patients take medicine as prescribed," Dr. Wu noted.

When snow and ice are on the ground during winter, the risk of slipping and falling increases. According to Dr. Wu, people with arthritis have a higher risk of fractures for several reasons, including "impaired balance and gait related to hip and knee disease or muscle weakness related to disuse." The article recommended to wear appropriate shoes to prevent any accidents.

This article appeared in the November/December 2017 print issue.


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