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FDA Approves Second Remicade biosimilar

Arthritis Today—May 19, 2017

Arthritis Today featured HSS rheumatologist Anne R. Bass, MD in an article about a new, FDA-approved biosimilar to treat inflammatory types of arthritis. Dr. Bass discussed how the drug could potentially impact treatment for patients.

"I think it is very big news with the potential for both good and bad impact. The potential for good is cost savings. Biologics like infliximab have revolutionized the care of arthritis, but they are extraordinarily expensive – around $50,000 a year. If we can get the same benefit with a lower cost, that will be good for everyone, but it is not clear they will be priced significantly lower," commented Dr. Bass.

Dr. Bass noted that before a patient is switched to a biosimilar, the doctor and patient should be notified first.

Read the full article at blog.arthritis.org


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