Antibiotics Can Cause Workout Injuries, FDA Warns

Men's Health—June 30, 2016

Men's Health's Rachael Schultz reports on a recent FDA announcement that states a certain class of antibiotics, fluoroquinolones, can raise your risk for harmful side effects like tendonitis or even a full-blown tendon rupture.

Stephen Fealy, MD, sports medicine surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery, explains that antibiotics prevent certain cells in your body from replicating, which prohibits tendons from repairing themselves.

"So if you're a runner or a CrossFit guy, it can't hurt to ask your doctor if there's another class of antibiotics you can take instead of fluoroquinolones," said Dr. Fealy.

And if you already finished a round of antibiotics, Dr. Fealy recommends not increasing your mileage or weights when lifting for about 3 months.

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