Another Look at Radiation

Huffington Post—October 8, 2009

It is important to remember that radiation is all around us, naturally present in our environment. The actual dosage of background radiation varies with where one lives. The radiation we receive annually is called "background radiation" and is approximately 200-300 millirems (millirems (mrem) is used to measure radiation) per year or 2-3 mSv (another measurement term) effective dose. The "effective" dose is a calculation, which estimates what dose, if given to the entire body, might produce approximately the same amount of risk as would the real dose actually received by the irradiated body part.

How does this translate with imaging studies?

Remember X-rays and CT scans help save lives and initiate early and appropriate intervention, but patient safety is of the utmost importance. Your imaging provider is most likely taking the necessary steps to ensure your safety, but it never hurts to inquire.

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