Physician Assistants Add Value, Enhance Revenue

Physician’s Money Digest—August 22, 2016

Physician’s Money Digest recently published an article reporting that the majority of physician assistants (PAs) now work in non-primary care specialties. According to the article, "Over the past five years in particular there has been a significant shift away from the primary care disciplines and into specialty practice." The article indicates that PAs are now working in areas like in-patient, outpatient, urgent care and hospitals.

Anil S. Ranawat, MD, a sports medicine surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery, shares his insight on the significant change he has seen over the last ten years. "I'm a knee and hip surgeon, and that's all I do," says Dr. Ranawat. "So if I train somebody to do just those things with me, they get very good at it."

"They stay with you for years and years and they become excellent in providing care. I think sub-specialty care is probably the best avenue for PAs," Dr. Ranawat adds.

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