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Onetime Malaria Therapy Pyrimethamine Reduces Levels of ALS-linked Protein, Study Finds

ALS News Today—June 21, 2017

ALS News Today featured HSS neurologist-in-chief Dale J. Lange, MD and his study about pyrimethamine, a drug for malaria, lowering the levels of a protein caused by ALS named SOD1.

"Our multi-center international study found that pyrimethamine reduced levels of SOD1 in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with familial [genetically based] ALS, and the amount of lowering was related to the dose of pyrimethamine," said Dr. Lange.

He added that while there is no cure for the disease, the study represents the first time a drug lowered a protein known to be relevant to disease progression.

"Although not proven by this study, a slowing of disease progression was observed," said Dr. Lange.

Read the full article at alsnewstoday.com


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