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Al Roker and His New Knee

The Dr. Oz Show—November 30, 2016

Al Roker joins Dr. Oz as a guest on The Dr. Oz Show to talk about his recent knee replacement with David J. Mayman, MD, hip and knee surgeon, at HSS.

Roker showcases his limp-free walk and reveals that he nicknamed his new artificial knee Sparky.

"It's been a new lease on life," said Roker.

He explains how he started favoring this knee after a car accident and tried to hold off surgery until the pain became unbearable. Roker also discusses how he prepared for surgery and how he's currently doing rehab with Wai-Kwong Hui at HSS.

Dr. Oz uses a knee model to show the audience what exactly happens once your knee joint wears out.

Watch the segment at DoctorOz.com.


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