All-inside ACL Demonstrates Safety in Skeletally Immature Athletes

Healio Orthopedics—January 22, 2015

For skeletally immature athletes, use of an all-inside ACL reconstruction technique demonstrated safety at short-term follow-up, according to study results.

Researchers prospectively evaluated 23 skeletally immature patients after all-inside ACL reconstruction, of whom 15 underwent an all-epiphyseal (AE) ACL reconstruction and eight underwent a partial transphyseal (PTP) ACL reconstruction.

The researchers performed MRI using 3-D fat-suppressed spoiled gradient recalled echo sequences and full-length standing radiographs to assess graft survival, growth arrest, and more. Mean follow-up was 18.5 months.

MRI showed no cases of growth arrest, articular surface violation or avascular necrosis, and the researchers also observed no postoperative angular deformities or significant leg length discrepancies.

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