Hospital for Special Surgery receives $4+ Million in Research Grants

New York, NY—October 22, 2002

Hospital for Special Surgery announced that it has recently received more than $4 Million in public and private grants to fund basic and clinical research activities. Dr. Nancy Camacho, Dr. Philip King, Dr. Michael Lockshin and Dr. John Zabriskie are the principal investigators for the grants.

According to Dr. Francesco Ramirez, Chief Scientific Officer of the Hospital, “These grants not only foster and support our campaign for research, but I am confident they will lead to unprecedented advances in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems.”

Dr. Michael Lockshin, Director of the Barbara Volcker Center for Women and Rheumatic Disease and co-director of the Kirkland Center for Lupus Research, received a 2-year Shannon Award for $100,000 from the National Institutes of Health to develop an understanding and new methods of diagnosis of thinking disorders in patients with lupus and suggest new ways of treating this problem. Other participants in the project are Drs. Melanie Harrison (of Hospital for Special Surgery), Betty Diamond (of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine), and Bruce Volpe and Lisa Ravdin (both of Weill Medical College of Cornell University).

Dr. Nancy Camacho, Associate Scientist in the Mineralized Tissue Research Laboratory, received a 3-year grant of $1+ Million from the National Institutes of Health for the coordinated bench-to-bedside analysis of molecular alterations in degraded cartilage by infrared spectroscopy. Currently, there are no known methods to diagnose articular cartilage damage in the early stages of degenerative joint disease. The primary objective of this proposal is to develop the Infrared Fiber Optic Probe as an arthroscopic diagnostic tool for joint diseases and other injuries that lead to joint degeneration. As a result, this new technology will facilitate the diagnosis, treatment and management of osteoarthritis and other joint diseases. She received an additional $242,000+ from the National Medical Technology TestBed to develop methodology for use with an Infrared Fiber Optic Probe.

Dr. Philip King, Assistant Scientist in the T Cell Transduction Laboratory, received a 5-year grant from the National Institutes of Health for $1.6+ Million to study the mechanisms of T cell gene transcription, understand how T cells are activated, and learn how to manipulate aberrant T cell behavior.

Dr. John Zabriskie, a Senior Scientist in the Autoimmunity and Inflammation Research Program at HSS, has received two grants totaling $1.1+ million to explore a novel approach to battling serious infections and their complications. Infection with staphylococcal or streptococcal bacteria can sometimes enter the blood, causing severe system-wide tissue damage with significant morbidity and mortality. The new research, funded by the United States Department of Defense and Baxter International, Inc., will investigate the ability of a small protein fragment with similarities to many bacteria to both treat and prevent serious infection. If successful, this unique approach would have wide application in treating the “shock” associated with severe bacterial infections, including the infectious complications of arthritis and surgery. This protein fragment may also provide protection from the dangerous microorganisms that are a concern in the context of bioterrorism. Dr. Zabriskie has gained worldwide recognition for his seminal contributions to understanding the role of streptococcal bacteria in acute rheumatic fever. In this new research, his broad expertise and creative approach to science will be applied to a more widespread problem: systemic microbial infection.

About Hospital for Special Surgery
Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) is the world’s leading academic medical center focused on musculoskeletal health. HSS is nationally ranked No. 1 in orthopedics and No. 2 in rheumatology by U.S. News & World Report (2016-2017), and is the first hospital in New York State to receive Magnet Recognition for Excellence in Nursing Service from the American Nurses Credentialing Center four consecutive times. HSS has one of the lowest infection rates in the country. HSS is an affiliate of Weill Cornell Medical College and as such all Hospital for Special Surgery medical staff are faculty of Weill Cornell. The hospital's research division is internationally recognized as a leader in the investigation of musculoskeletal and autoimmune diseases. Hospital for Special Surgery is located in New York City and online at


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