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A Message from the Director

The Department of Anesthesiology at Hospital for Special Surgery is the premier department in the world for the practice of regional anesthesia for orthopedics. The foundation of this department is the clinical skill of our Attending Anesthesiologists. As a patient presenting for surgical care at Hospital for Special Surgery, you are assured exceptionally qualified physicians who have dedicated themselves to the highest standards in orthopedic anesthesia, pain management and critical care. Our physicians utilize the latest technology and most advanced techniques with proven track records of patient safety. We have experts on staff in the subspecialty fields of pediatric anesthesia, acute and chronic pain management, ambulatory anesthesia and comprehensive care for the complex spine patient. In addition, our physicians have developed innovative techniques to minimize blood loss and reduce blood transfusions.

Our department is committed to clinical research and education. Areas of interest include improving pain management, following orthopedic procedures and reducing complications, and improving patient safety during and after orthopedic surgery and anesthesia.

Our philosophy has always been to work in multidisciplinary team approach with our world class orthopedic and rheumatology colleagues. This philosophy is prevalent throughout our clinical, research and educational efforts. In addition, our department's support staff, which includes nurse specialists, research associates and administrative managers, shares this philosophy of excellence and teamwork.

As a patient presenting for orthopedic care, you have the absolute right to ask the "hard questions" regarding experience, training and commitment, not only from your surgeon, but from your anesthesiologist as well. I am confident that you will find the members of our department to be the most experienced, highly qualified and committed individuals in the world.