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Lupus and APS Center of Excellence

Lupus and APS Center of Excellence Research

Scientists and clinicians at Hospital for Special Surgery are constantly working to advance understanding of the causes of disease and develop novel treatments for lupus and APS. In partnership with our patients, significant progress has been made. 

Patients are invited to learn more about our observational and clinical trials for lupus and APS.  

In an observational study, the patient may have his/her blood drawn and may be asked to complete questionnaires about their illness.

Participating in an observational study has the benefit of advancing knowledge about lupus and APS. It may directly help the patient by giving him/her access to treatments that are otherwise unavailable. The information gained from participating in trials also has the potential to help others, including family members.

Patients have the right to stop participation in a research study at any time.

If you would like to obtain more information or to see if you qualify for a study or trial, contact 1.877.SLE.CURE.

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