Limb Salvage and Amputation Reconstruction Center

Integrated Care Team

Our team offers integrated care for the patient with a limb at risk or already having undergone an amputation. Our orthopedic surgeons work intimately with other key professionals including certified prosthetists, physical therapists, patient counselors, and psychologists to offer state of the art treatment to our patients. This integrated care begins before surgery and continues until the patient has achieved maximum mobility.

Limb Salvage and Amputation Reconstruction Center Staff:

S. Robert Rozbruch, MD Austin T. Fragomen, MD Edward A. Athanasian, MD Duretti Fufa, MD Andy O. Miller, MD Michael W. Henry, MD Julia M. Kim, PhD


Orthopedic Surgeons:

S. Robert Rozbruch, MD, Director of Center
Austin T. Fragomen, MD
Edward Athanasian, MD (upper extremity)
Duretti Fufa, MD (microvascular and upper extremity)

Infectious Disease:

Andy Miller, MD
Michael Henry, MD

Vascular Surgeon:

Peter Connolly, MD

Plastic Surgeon:

David Otterburn, MD


Julia Kim, PhD

Certified Prosthetists and Orthotists:

Glenn Garrison, CPO
Glenn Hutnick, CPO
Andrew Meyers, CPO

Patient Counselors:

Dennis Ohler
Todd Schaffhauser

Physical Therapists:

Marlena Albanese, PT
John Castro, PT
Julia Doty, OTR/L, CHT
Wai-Kwong Hui, PT

Leon Root Motion Analysis Laboratory:

Howard J. Hillstrom, PhD