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Additional Discharge Instructions - Surgical Guide to Left Posterior Total Hip Replacement Surgery

You may have physical therapy at home if it is prescribed by your surgeon. If so, the physical therapist will come to your home and will advance your exercises and walking program as tolerated.

Gradually increase your walking distance daily. A daily walking program on level surfaces is an essential component of your home exercise program. Avoid hills, steep ramps and uneven surfaces.

Once your mobility has improved, you may consider continuing physical therapy at an outpatient physical therapy center to continue to increase strength and endurance and optimize your function.

Contact your surgeon or physical therapist regarding when to stop using an assistive device.

Medical Equipment Order Information

Biodynamic Technologies has been supplying HSS and its patients with medical equipment for many years. If you would like to use Biodynamic Technologies, you can call 1.800.879.2276 to order the medical equipment that you will need after your hospital stay. You then may pick up the equipment at their office located at 431 E 73rd St, New York, NY 10021. Or for your convenience, it may be shipped to your home. You may also order online at biodynamictech.com/shop.

If you prefer, you may also purchase these items from your local surgical supply store or online.

It is recommended that you obtain the equipment prior to your surgery so that is readily available upon your discharge home.