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Post-Surgery Equipment - Left Posterior Total Hip Replacement

Below is a list of equipment that patients commonly use after surgery during the recovery phase. The list is not all-inclusive, and you may or may not need them all.   If you have specific questions, please speak to your therapist.

  • Rolling walker
  • Cane
  • Long-handled reacher: To pick objects from the floor without having to bend forward
  • Long-handled shoe horn: To put shoes on without having to bend forward
  • Sock aid: To put socks on without having to bend forward
  • Elastic shoe laces: To avoid having to bend forward to tie your shoe laces
  • Slip-on shoes: For ease of donning shoes
  • Raised toilet seat: To avoid sitting on a low surface
  • Long-handled sponge: To avoid bending down during shower
  • Urinals (male and female/EU ): To be kept in car or bedside at night
  • Easy-up cushion: For use on a low chair in order to maintain your precautions

Medical Equipment Order Information

Biodynamic Technologies has been supplying HSS and its patients with medical equipment for many years. If you would like to use Biodynamic Technologies, you can call 1.800.879.2276 to order the medical equipment that you will need after your hospital stay. You then may pick up the equipment at their office located at 431 E 73rd St, New York, NY 10021. Or for your convenience, it may be shipped to your home.

If you prefer, you may also purchase these items from your local surgical supply store or online.

It is recommended that you obtain the equipment prior to your surgery so that is readily available upon your discharge home.