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Limb Lengthening and Complex Reconstruction Service

Mission Statement

We believe that there is a solution to everyone’s skeletal problem.

By engaging our patients in a detailed discussion and conducting a thorough exam we will arrive at a sophisticated diagnosis. Our skill with a variety of bone reconstruction techniques enables us to sculpt bone and even create bone where there was none. Our synergetic relationship with the hospital provides access to state-of-the-art orthopaedic equipment and to other experts in bone health.

Measured innovation best describes our path and is at the core of our success.

Our dedication to research and education provides us with constant feedback from patients and colleagues challenging our methods and ensuring the highest quality.  Specific techniques that we provide include: joint preservation, joint distraction, osteotomy, bone lengthening, bone transport, internal lengthening, integrated fixation, external fixation, limb reconstruction, foot and ankle deformity, Ilizarov reconstruction, knock knee and bowleg realignment, knee and foot rotational correction, arthroscopy, and replacement.

Patients come to HSS to receive the best care available, and it is our mission to ensure each patient we meet gets “the best.” To that end we are dedicated to providing services that are within our expertise and referring patients to others master physicians for procedures we do not perform. This ensures the highest standard of patient care.