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Navigating Knee Arthroscopy Costs

Navigating Knee Arthroscopy Costs

Make sure you're asking the critical questions to make the best decision for your care

Not all hospitals achieve the same results

Knee arthroscopy and other minimally invasive surgeries often result in less pain, minimal scarring and rapid recovery. But not all hospitals will produce the same result. Some are more reliable than others. With the help of the HSS Hospital Cost Estimator, you can make sure you're asking the critical questions to find the hospital that's right for you. Understanding the data points below will help you avoid unnecessary setbacks and avoidable costs. Learn why we chose these factors.


Knee Arthroscopy Overview


Surgical procedure involving a tiny camera called an arthroscope to examine or repair the tissues inside or around the knee joint. Most commonly used for ACL reconstruction and torn meniscus repairs.


Takes place in a hospital or ambulatory surgery center.

Length of hospital stay

Most patients go home the same day.

Services included

The hospital price estimate includes:

  • Care in the operating room
  • Tests and X-rays done in the hospital
  • Medications given in the hospital
  • Nursing and physical therapy in the hospital

Other professional services, such as those provided by your surgeon or anesthesiologist, are billed for separately.

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Carmen  New York, NY New York, NY

I tore my meniscus in 2010 and couldn't walk. I wasn't satisfied with a prior hospital's opinion, so I came to HSS for a second one. I was diagnosed right away and received the proper treatment needed to correct the situation. Choosing this hospital was the best decision I made.

Kneecap/Patella Injury/Condition

Success Rate


Of HSS patients reported improvement within 12 months after their treatment

Out of 142 responses, 90% response rate

Source: HSS Internal Data, 2020

Man doing rock climbing from a very great height


I'm extremely thankful for my doctor’s skill and expertise that led to the procedure's success, but I also appreciated his personable care outside of the operating room.

PJ Hughes, Knee Injury/Condition

Patient Experience

Of patients would recommend HSS; over the national average of 72%


Source: CMS Care Compare



HSS In-Hospital



Represents hospital-wide care. Lower is better

Source: CMS Care Compare

Avoidable Hospital Visits





Represents hospital-wide care. Lower is better

Source: CMS Care Compare

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It was apparent that the hospital had established effective procedures for safety and infection avoidance. Everyone I came in contact with seemed to be following these procedures to the letter.

Bob, Knee Injury/Condition

Procedure Volume

knee arthroscopies per year

Source: HSS Internal Data, 2019

Cost Efficiency

Less expensive over time than other NYC Tri-State Hospitals

$10.6K HSS vs. $12K NYC Tri-State. Lower is better. Average 90-day cost including all aftercare such as rehab and readmissions.

Source: FAIR Health


In orthopedics + high performing in knee replacements

11 years in a row


In orthopedics + high performing in knee replacements

11 years in a row

Get an estimate in 2 simple steps

Step 1: Download the Hospital Cost Estimator

The Hospital Cost Estimator gives you valuable data about your procedure to think about alongside price. Our helpful worksheet makes it easy for you to compare different hospitals.

Step 2: Use the calculator to get your price

Use our calculator tool to get your personalized price estimate. Record that number on the Hospital Cost Estimator you just downloaded for a complete picture of the services you'd be paying for.