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International Center

International Center FAQs


What services do you provide?

The International Center schedules medical and ancillary appointments, written evaluation of records, makes arrangements for interpreters, provides financial services, and offers assistance in organizing transportation and hotel accommodations. You can find further information about our services by clicking on the Services link or by viewing the HSS International Center Brochure (pdf).

How do I get an appointment?

Our staff will arrange for a consultation with one of our specialists shortly after we receive your medical information. Please click on the How to Get an Appointment link, or refer to the Appointment FAQs section below.

What hotel facilities are around HSS?

The Hospital's Belaire Guest facility is conveniently located across the street from the hospital. International Center staff can assist you in making reservations there. Our staff can also assist with reservations at other nearby hotels. For a listing of some of the hotels in the area, please refer to the Neighborhood Directory.

Can the International Center assist with making travel arrangement for my visit?

Once you arrive at the hospital, we will be happy to assist you in making any changes to your existing travel schedule to accommodate your treatment at HSS.

Do you arrange for transportation to/from New York City area airports?

Yes. Please let us know your travel itinerary, and we will assist you in obtaining your round-trip airport transportation. Fee depends on the airport and the type of transport. You will need to provide us with your credit card information if you wish us to reserve any type of car service for you. You may also choose to use yellow cabs which are available at every airport terminal and easy to hail by the hospital.

Will an interpreter be made available during my visit to HSS?

Yes. Please inform us as soon as possible if you require an interpreter during your time here. We will arrange for a medical interpreter in your language to accompany you to all of your appointments and to be available to translate your questions.


How do I make an appointment?

You may make an appointment by contacting us via phone, fax, email, or filling out the web form. Please click on the How to Get an Appointment link for further information, and the details you will need to provide the International Center.

Do you provide written confirmation of appointments?

Yes. Once we confirm your appointments with the physician's office, we will send to you via email, fax, or mail an Appointment Schedule with the date, time, location and doctor's fee.

How early must I arrive to my appointment?

Please arrive 20-30 minutes before your scheduled time to fill out any paperwork.

How and when do I pay for my consultation?

The doctor's consultation fees are payable at the time of the consultation directly to the doctor's office. Any lab work or radiology done at HSS prior to or after the consultation is not included in the consultation fee, and is also payable at the time of service.

How do I receive copies of my Radiology film studies done at HSS?

Your films will be provided to you on CD usually within a few hours of service. (Please note that in cases where extensive films are done, it may take longer to receive the CD.)


I was told I need surgery. How do I proceed?

Please contact us once your HSS physician recommends surgery. We can help you schedule any pre-operative consultations and facilitate the admission process.

Can you provide me with an estimate of costs for surgery?

Yes. Once the International Center receives your surgical information, we will provide you with a custom Estimate of Treatment Charges tailored to your specific case, containing charges for HSS and any professional departments involved.

How early do I need to arrive in NY prior to surgery?

Depending on your procedure, your pre-operative consultation and medical clearance appointments may be scheduled 1-2 weeks prior to your surgery. This time may be shorter for minor outpatient procedures. In any case, your surgeon will advise you further.

How long do I need to stay in New York after surgery?

The time varies for each patient and procedure. Generally for minor outpatient procedures your physician may clear you for travel within 1 week Typically, for inpatient surgeries, you may need to stay for 2-4 weeks after discharge. However, your physician will advise you further in either case.

How can my friends and family members reach me during my inpatient stay at HSS?

Anyone wishing to contact you may call Patient Information at (212) 606-1377, or the International Center at (212) 606-1186.


Financial Concerns

Do you accept international insurances?

We accept those international insurance plans that have an office or a third party administrator located in the United States. Please provide us with your insurance information and we will verify coverage and benefits prior to your treatment at HSS.

My Embassy/Consulate is willing to sponsor my treatment. Will HSS accept this?

Yes, as long as we receive a Letter of Guarantee from the Embassy or Consulate office in the United States. The letter must be addressed to Hospital for Special Surgery guaranteeing payment coverage for any and all treatment at the hospital. This letter must be received prior to your treatment.

How and when can I pay for services?

Our policy is to receive 100% of estimated hospital and professional charges upfront, at least two weeks prior to the scheduled treatment date. Payment can be made via wire transfer, bank certified check, credit card, or money order. Please contact us to discuss further how to make a payment for your care.

When do I receive the final cost for my procedures?

The International Center can provide you a complete financial package usually within 4-6 weeks after your discharge from HSS. This package contains a summary of actual treatment costs, the bills for hospital and professional services and confirmation of your payments. You will be informed at that time if there are any residual outstanding charges, or if you are entitled to a refund.