HSS Innovation Center

Technology Development Office


Since 1979, the Hospital has enabled the active development of a pipeline of technology projects. The Technology Development Office translates clinical and laboratory discoveries and innovations into products that benefit our musculoskeletal patients.

Technology Development Office Benefits

We engage with clinicians, scientists, and frontline staff to advance their innovations through market analysis, IP protection, project management, and development and commercialization pathways.  By doing so, we aim to bridge the development/funding gap between basic research and industry/investor interest.


Idea Generation
  • Engage with HSS physicians, scientists, and front-line staff to identify unmet needs
  • Engage with industry, investors, and vendors to identify market trends and opportunities

Industry and Investors, view portfolio technologies available for licensing and investment.

HSS innovators: Submit an Invention Disclosure Form.

Contact us to discuss licensing options or to learn more about our technologies.