HSS Innovation Center

Innovation Fund

Purpose and Scope

The HSS Innovation Fund is dedicated to supporting the advancement of early stage technologies and innovations in the musculoskeletal arena that have commercial potential. The fund was set up to bridge the post-discovery / pre-commercial development gap and accelerate projects to the point at which they are ready for external commercial investment.  


Funding eligibility is limited to projects led by HSS Clinicians, HSS Scientists or HSS Employees. Eligible projects include life science technologies (e.g. implants, biomaterials, drug delivery, etc.) and care delivery innovations (e.g. digital health, new care delivery models) that improve clinical outcomes, enhance the patient experience, and/or lower the cost to delivery care.

Fund Uses

Funding is used to support key critical path activities aimed at generating proof-of-concept and validation data necessary to build value. Examples include conducting experiments, manufacturing prototypes, conducting animal trials, clinical trials, and pilots, or developing software.

Project Selection Process

Fund oversight is provided by senior Hospital leadership including the Surgeon-in-Chief, the Chief Scientific Officer, and the Innovation Senior Management team. The selection committee uses well-established, stringent criteria to evaluate the most competitive and impactful proposals for funding. The selection committee will seek the guidance and input of external subject matter experts from industry as needed in making final selections. Applications are accepted and considered on a rolling basis and assessment of progress and decisions for ongoing funding is evaluated using a milestone-driven approach.

Make a Donation

Innovation at HSS would not be possible without the generosity and commitment of grateful patients and donors like you. You can make a donation to the HSS Innovation Fund by visiting the HSS Giving site and designating your gift to the Innovation Fund.

To learn more about how your donation can benefit the Innovation Center or to learn more about specific projects that require funding, contact us at innovation@hss.edu.