HSS Innovation Center

Care Delivery Innovation

At HSS, we recognize that in today’s healthcare environment, innovation encompasses more than just traditional life science research and discovery. Now, more than ever, physicians, scientists, and entrepreneurs are developing new digital health solutions and care delivery models that enable more effective, more patient-friendly, and/or less-expensive care. At HSS, we call this type of advancement, Care Delivery Innovation, and are dedicated to developing and accelerating new ways to deliver musculoskeletal care.

View examples of care delivery innovation at HSS, which include solutions focused on:

  • Digital Health
  • Mobile Health
  • Data Analytics
  • Wearables
  • Delivery Models
  • Payment Models

Our Approach

Care delivery innovations are generated both internally and externally:

Internally-Driven Care Delivery Innovation
HSS physicians, scientists, and front-line staff come up with new ideas every day. These ideas are evaluated and resources are put against those that best demonstrate impact on patient care, commercial potential, path to market, and strategic fit within the institution. The HSS Technology Development Office helps HSS inventors bring their ideas to market. In parallel, clinician and research leadership continuously identify priority unmet needs within the field of musculoskeletal health and establish focused projects against those needs.

Externally-Driven Care Delivery Innovation
HSS also recognizes that there are entire industries dedicated to improving and advancing the field of orthopedics and musculoskeletal health. Whether you are a health-tech start-up or an industry leader, HSS will work with you through our HSS Accelerator to pilot, validate, and advance select innovations that are aligned with HSS’s needs and priorities. HSS also engages regularly with a variety of external experts and leaders in the field who uncover unmet needs, provide input, and direct prioritized research efforts.