HSS Innovation Center


Innovation Advisory Committee

The HSS Innovation Advisory Committee (IAC) consists of members of the HSS Board of Trustees, Board of Advisors, and leaders from the investment and healthcare communities. The IAC provides oversight and guidance to the Innovation Senior Management Team regarding programmatic direction, partnership development, and project-specific initiatives.

Commercialization Council

HSS is building a Commercialization Council that consists of industry partners focused on accelerating the advancement of innovation at HSS across both Life Sciences and Care Delivery.  Membership will include representatives from the business and investing communities, scientific and medical advisors, and experts in regulatory and reimbursement strategies.

The Commercialization Council will provide guidance to the Innovation Senior Management team in the following ways:

  1. Provide subject-matter expertise and enhance awareness of relevant markets, value drivers and trends,
  2. Provide mentorship to HSS inventors and HSS accelerated startups,
  3. Provide advice on projects, processes, policies and practices that may impact innovation at HSS, and
  4. Facilitate connections to strategic, commercialization, and funding partners.