HSS Innovation Center



HSS recognizes that there are entire industries dedicated to improving and advancing the fields of orthopedics, musculoskeletal health and healthcare in general. Whether you are a health-tech start-up or an industry leader, HSS will work with you through our Accelerator to pilot, validate, and advance select innovations that are aligned with HSS’s needs and priorities. Partnering with outside organizations that are the best in their respective fields also helps us bring our ideas to market faster and more effectively.

HSS Accelerator Benefits


  • Facilitated implementations with our IT and operations departments
  • Targeted pilots with access to HSS’s ORs, surgeons, and procedures
  • Prototyping with support from HSS biomechanics, engineering, and biostatistics


  • Advice and continuous feedback loop from the world’s leading surgeons
  • Guidance from the HSS Executive Offices and partner network


  • The #1 ranked hospital in orthopedics as a partner and beta-site
  • Connection to HSS’ network of investors and entrepreneurs


Idea Generation
  • Collaborate with HSS physicians, scientists, and front-line staff to identify unmet needs
  • Survey market trends and participate in local and national health care start up forums to identify ideas

To become a HSS-accelerated partner, contact us at: innovation@hss.edu. To see case studies of HSS-accelerated solutions see Care Delivery Portfolio Highlights.