Refining outcome parameters of wrist function: the correlation of wrist circumduction and function


Scott W. Wolfe, MD

Project Description

This research project is a biomechanical study that will utilize 3D motion analysis to investigate the relationship between wrist range of motion and wrist function. The long term goal of this work is to develop an objective clinical outcome measure for wrist pathologies that accurately reflects wrist function. 3D motion analysis will be used to quantify wrist circumduction, defined as a smooth circular wrist motion along the boundary limits of the wrist. Results for both normal and individuals with restricted motion will be correlated with performance of various wrist dependent functional tasks

Student’s Role
The medical student will help recruit individuals, participate in data collection in the 3D motion analysis lab, and assist in data analysis.  This work will show that 3D analysis of wrist circumduction motion can accurately distinguish changes between stiff and normal wrists, and that these changes will be correlated with changes in functional performance.

This position has been filled.