HSS in the International Community

Members of the HSS community are involved in philanthropic and volunteer projects throughout the world.

A FOCOS therapist with a pediatric patient


Many physicians and staff serve areas with limited access to medical care, working to raise the level of musculoskeletal care - and health care in general - across the globe. They are involved in medical and surgical activities that have an impact on communities and touch lives on a global scale. A few members of the HSS community have even founded international charitable organizations dedicated to providing quality medical care to those parts of the world where access to care is often difficult.

Our presence is seen in the global athletic arena as well. For the past two summer Olympics, members of our Sports Medicine Service have served as team clinicians for the United States Olympic team. In addition, many HSS orthopedists serve as this country's team physicians and medical advisors for other elite international sporting events.

Examples of current activities include:

Foundations of Orthopedics and Complex Spine (FOCOS)
FOCOS was founded by the Chief Emeritus of the Scoliosis Service, Dr. Oheneba Boachie-Adjei. The Foundation provides orthopedic care to underserved populations in West Africa and other third world nations.

A pediatric patient receiving care

Please visit the FOCOS website for further information.

Pediatric patients thank HSS


The Olympic Games
Two HSS sports medicine experts, orthopedist Scott A. Rodeo, MD and physical therapist John Cavanaugh, PT, Med, ATC were chosen by the U.S. Olympic Committee to join the medical team in Beijing during the 2008 U.S. Olympic games and again in the 2012 London Olympic games. You can read Dr. Rodeo's blog from the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing at You can also read Dr. Rodeo's current US Olympic blog from London at

Dr. Rodeo first served with the U.S. Olympic team at the 2004 summer games in Athens. He was joined by another HSS orthopedist, Jo A. Hannafin, MD PhD. Read the interview with Dr. Rodeo and Dr. Hannafin about the 2004 Summer Olympics: HSS Surgeons at the Athens Olympics.

If you are an HSS physician or staff that would like to share information about your international philanthropic medical or athletic activities abroad, please contact