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Sheldon Lichtblau, MD (Resident 1959) has been appointed Director of Outpatient Orthopaedics at Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY. He is no longer performing surgery and has significantly increased the amount of time he spends teaching.

Abraham L. Rivelis, MD (1958) was awarded a gold medal by the University of Buenos Aires for the Best Doctoral Thesis. He was the first abroad member to be inducted as an honorary member of Asia Pacific Rheumatology Society (APLAR). He is a traveling research fellow of the Hospital for Special Surgery in 20 state of the art lectures in 165 cities of 65 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific.

William C. Robbins, MD (Emeritus, Class of 1957) served as Vice President for Environmental Education and Museum Curator at the Trout Lake Nature Center in Eustis, Florida for five years.

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Harlan C. Amstutz, MD (Resident 1961) was awarded the Sixth Annual American Orthopaedic Association-Zimmer Award for Distinguished Contributions to Orthopaedics at the AOA's 120th Annual Meeting. Dr. Amstutz's career spanned the development of total hip replacement to the culmination of his design and research on hip resurfacing. Along with the AOA-Zimmer Award, Dr. Amstutz had received numerous other awards for his contributions to orthopaedic education, research and science.

George E. Ehrlich, MD (Fellow 1961) received the Dr. Joseph L. Hollander Award from the Arthritis Foundation.

Moheb S. Moneim, MD (Fellow 1963) retired in September 2003 after 30 years as faculty member and 16 years as Professor and Chairman of the Division of Hand Surgery in the Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine.

Leon Root, MD (Fellow 1962) was one of three honorees who received the Lillian D. Wald Award. The award is presented every year at the Visiting Nurses Service of New York (VNSNY) benefit dinner. The award, named after the public health pioneer and founder of VNSNY, is presented in recognition of individuals who have made significant contributions to the health and welfare of New Yorkers. Also, Dr. Root was honored by the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County for more than 50 years of volunteer service to the independent, not-for-profit health agency serving over 1,800 children and adults with cerebral palsy, developmental and other disabilities. The Leon Root, MD, Medical Wing at United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County, Inc. (UCPN), was dedicated in his honor at a ceremony on April 21.

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Charles Hamlin, MD (Resident 1972) received the 2007 ASSH Volunteer of the Year Award. This honor was presented to Dr. Charles Hamlin by the Volunteer Service Committee of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand at the annual meeting. This notable award is given to a member who has made an exceptional commitment of volunteering time and surgical skills. Dr. Hamlin was recognized for his tremendous efforts with a volunteer hand service he has run at the Indian Health Hospital in Chinle, Arizona since 1994. The clinic is located in the heart of the Navajo Reservation and is staffed 18 times a year, providing needed care for this unique community. In 2001, Dr. Hamlin received the Humanitarian Award from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Tomihisa Koshino, MD (Fellow 1970) completed a monograph on knee surgeries for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Also Dr. Koshino was invited by Professor M.M. Chaudhary, the President of ASAMI India, to present six lectures on high tibial osteotomy from “surgical techniques,” “long-term follow-up results” and to “regeneration of articular cartilage after osteotomy” at a workshop of Surgeries for OA Knee in Bombay, India.

Thomas P. Sculco, MD (Resident 1974) was one of three honorees recognized by the Columbus Citizens Foundation. As part of this recognition, Dr. Sculco was invited to celebrate his Italian-American heritage by riding on the Foundation's floats in the 64th Annual Columbus Day Parade down Fifth Avenue on October 13, 2008.

Russell Warren, MD (Resident 1973) was inducted into the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM) Hall of Fame on July 13, 2008. Dr. Warren has served as the New York Giants team physician since 1981. The AOSSM established the Hall of Fame in 2001 to honor members of the orthopaedic sports medicine community who have contributed significantly to the specialty. Dr. Warren focuses his research on finding treatments that reduce pain and restore mobility for patients with tissue injuries of the shoulder and knee.

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David W. Altchek, MD(Resident 1987, Fellow 1988) will serve as team medical doctor for the New Jersey Nets.

Robert E. Atkinson, MD (Resident 1982) was appointed Director of the Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program at the University of Hawaii.

Oheneba Boachie-Adjei, MD (Resident 1986, Fellow 1983) was appointed President of the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS). This professional organization is made up of physicians and allied health providers who focus on administering continuing medical education to healthcare professionals and offer information on funding/supporting research in spinal deformities. Dr. Boachie will help continue to ensure that the SRS serves as the premier access portal for the dissemination of information on scoliosis and related spine deformities. He has also received the 2006 Blount Award from the SRS. Dr. Boachie was nominated by his peers to receive this award which recognizes his humanitarian work.

Mary K. Crow, MD (Fellow 1984) Dr. Crow received a five-year renewal from the national institutes of Health (NIH)/National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) to continue the “Rheumatology Research Training Program.”

Richard S. Davidson, MD (Resident 1981) Philadelphia Magazine and South Jersey Magazine recognized Richard S. Davidson, MD, of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as a 2009 Top Doctor.

William F. Donaldson, MD (Resident 1985, Fellow 1986) The School of Medicine Executive Committee has approved the promotion of William F. Donaldson, III, MD, to Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and neurosurgery at the University of Pittsburgh.

Dirk H. Dugan, MD (Resident 1982) had been appointed as Orthopaedic Consultant to Cornell University Athletic Medicine and has been giving care to the football, hockey, lacrosse and other teams at the Ithaca campus.

Stuart C. Kozinn, MD (Resident 1987) has been appointed as Medical Director of the Scottsdale Healthcare Center for Joint Replacement in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Thomas M. Mauri, MD (Resident 1985) has been appointed Associate Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at North Shore University, as well as the Director of the Orthopaedic Spine Program of the Cushing Institutes for Neuroscience in the North Short/LIJ Health System.

Jane E. Salmon, MD (Fellow 1983) the Collette Kean Research Chair and co-director, Mary Kirkland Center for Lupus Research at HSS, was the co-winner of the Carol Nachman Prize for 2007 for outstanding research in rheumatology. The Carol Nachman award was established in 1972 to honor outstanding innovative research work in the field of rheumatology. Dr. Salmon was also selected for a membership in the Association of American Physicians and the EULAR Scientific Program Committee. She has been invited to participate in the NIAMS Roundtable on Arthritis and Rheumatic Diseases. Jane E. Salmon, MD also received a supplement for studies of “Predictors of Pregnancy Outcome in SLE and APS.” In addition, Dr. Salmon is collaborating with colleagues at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research who received funding through ARRA for studies of the “regulation of the Anti-Phospholipid Response in SLE.” Dr. Salmon also served on the NIH/NIAMS Rheumatic Diseases Clinical Trials Roundtable. Dr. Salmon received a new five-year award from the NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in collaboration with North Shore/Feinstein Institute for Medical Research to study “Regulation of the Anti-Phospholipid Response in Sle.”

Judith W. Smith, MD (Resident 1988) has been appointed to the Board of the Orthopaedic Learning Center in Rosement, Illinois. She has also recently become a fellow of the American College of Physician Executives, which is an organization that helps physicians build healthcare leadership skills, earn CME, and graduate degrees.

Thomas L. Wickiewicz, MD (Resident 1981 and Fellow 1978) He was the honoree at his alma mater’s Hearts & Minds: The Saint Peter’s College Annual Scholarship Dinner for his dedication to integrity, leadership and generous service to others.

Scott Wolfe, MD (Resident 1989) was a Visiting Professor at the Orthopedic Seminars held at Lutheran Hospital, a Cleveland Clinic hospital. He was also the 2008 Invited Professor for the Wavering Lectureship at Evanston Hospital of Northwestern University and the invited guest professor at the annual meeting of the Brazilian Hand Society. Also, Dr.Wolfe was the distinguished guest professor at the Brazilian Hand Society, held in Rio de Janeiro. He lectured on brachial plexus injuries, total write arthroplasty, radial malunions and scaphoid fractures. Dr. Wolfe and colleagues received the award for best paper at the annual meeting of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand for their paper titled, “Augmentation of Zone II Flexor Tendon Repairs.”

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Leslie John Bisson, MD (Resident 1996) helped save the life of Richard Zednik of the NHL Panthers. On February 12, 2008, Dr. Bisson thought it was going to be a routine night as lead team physician for the Sabres. He quickly realized this was no ordinary night as he watched Zednik's carotid artery slashed halfway through the third period. Instinctively, he immediately jumped into action, stopped the bleeding and kept Zednik stable until an emergency crew arrived. When asked about the incident Bisson modestly responded, "Honestly, I think I'm doing what any first responder would do. I don't think there was anything special that I did." At HSS, we consider him a hero.

G. Hadley Callaway, MD (Resident 1993, Fellow 1994) was recently inducted as president of the North Carolina Medical Society during its Annual Meeting. Currently, Dr. Callaway is in private practice at Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic and is a Clinical Instructor in Orthopaedic surgery at the UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine. In 2002, he was first elected to the North Carolina Medical Society board in 2002, and he is a past president of the Wake County Medical Society.

Jo A. Hannafin, MD, PhD (Fellow 1991) was the Invited Visiting Professor in the Department of Orhopedic Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic and has been named Vice Chair of the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF). This organization supports research and education to build the scientific base of clinical practice to serve the entire orthopaedic community. Dr. Hannafin is among almost two dozen individuals responsible for the governance of the Foundation. Also, Dr. Hannafin is the 2009 recipient of the Orthopaedic Research Society Women's Leadership Forum Award. Dr. Hannafin presented the keynote address, “A Career as a Clinician Scientist: Medical Specialty Matters!” at the American Physician Scientist Association (APSA) New York Physician Scientist Program held at Mt. Sinai Medical Center.

Jeffrey L. Hanway, MD (Resident 1993) left private in northern Virginia in 2006 to serve as Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs at Children's National Medical Center.

Paul E. Kovatis, MD (Fellow 1996) was voted "Top Surgeon" by peers in the NJ Monthly Magazine for the second year in a row. Dr. Kovatis was awarded the Honored Citizen Medal for orthopaedics by New Jersey Law Enforcement. He is currently an orthopaedic member of the credentialing and medical board at Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC). The Paul Kovatis Honorary Scholarship has been established at HUMC and UMONJ for his work in orthopaedic surgery and the local community. In addition, he has been selected to be part of the clinical teaching faculty at Touro Medical School.

Cato Laurencin, MD (Fellow 1994) was appointed Dean of the School of Medicine at the University of Connecticut because of his strong administrative background and aggressive research profile. For the past five years, he held the position of Chair of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Virginia.

Chris Miskovsky, MD (Resident 1997) and his wife, Jennifer Miskovsky, welcomed their daughter Sarah Elizabeth on June 23rd 2005. He is in private practice in Corpus Christi, Texas, specializing in hand surgery.

Gac Murrell, MD (Fellow 1995) was awarded the 2005 NSW Sporting Injuries Committee FE Johnson Memorial Fellowship. In 2006, he received the AOSSM Excellence in Research Award for his paper entitled "Clinical Studies of Topical Glyceryl Trinctrate Treatment in Chronice Tendinopathies."

Michael Parks, MD (Fellow 1997) was elected to the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), at the 2009 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas. He will serve the Academy as Member-at-Large for the “under 45 year old” Board position. Dr. Parks has been involved at the Academy in the Leader Fellowship Committee and has served on the Board of Councilors.

Hollis Potter, MD (Fellow 1992) serves as a consultant on the FD's Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Devices Panel and is a member of the NIH Skeletal Biology Development and Disease Study Section and the NIH/NIAMS Musculoskeletal Disease Research Core Centers Study Section. Dr. Potter was appointed to the NIH/NIAMS Study Section reviewing grants for Ancillary and Complementary Research under the Osteoarthritis Initiative.

Hollis G. Potter, MD (Fellow 1992) and Matthew Koff , MD, in collaboration with their HSS colleagues Scott Rodeo, MD (Resident 1994, Fellow 1996); Suzanne Maher, MD, and Li Foong Foo, MD, MRCP, FRCR (Fellow 2005) along with a collaborator at Cornell University, received a Challenge Grant for studying the “Evaluation of an MRI Biomarker for Meniscal Repair.”

William M. Ricci, MD (Resident 1997) received a 2007 ABC Traveling Fellowship from the American Orthopaedic Association (AOA). Dr. Ricci is Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, where he specializes in orthopaedic trauma. He serves on the Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA) Board of Directors and Education Committee, and on the AAOS OITE Evaluation Committee. He is also co-chair of the 2007 OTA Annual Meeting Program Committee and Chair of the 2007 OTA Residents Fracture Course.

Scott Rodeo, MD (Resident 1994) served on an NIH Special Emphasis Panel on Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering.

Stephanie Stephens, MD (Resident 1996) recently gave birth to her first child, Stephen James Murray on February 26, 2007.

Riley J. Williams, III, MD (Resident 1997, Fellow 1998) has been appointed as head team physician for the New Jersey Nets.

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Jaimo Ahn, MD, PhD (Fellow 2009) is the Chair-elect, Board of Directors, American Physician Scientists Association and associate fellow at the American College of Surgeons. Also, Dr. Ahn was very excited to receive the 2010 OREF Young Investigator Grant.

Asheesh Bedi, MD (Fellow 2008) received the Philip D. Wilson, MD Award for Excellence in Orthopaedic Surgery Research for his paper entitled The Effect of Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibition on Tendon-to-Bone Healing in a Rotator Cuff Repair Model. Dr. Bedi is one of five recipients to be awarded the 2010 Orthopaedic Research Society/OREF Travel Award in Orthopaedic Research Translation.

Mark Drakos, MD
(Resident 2008, Fellow 2009) received the Lewis Clark Wagner, MD Award Excellence in Orthopaedic Surgery Research for his paper entitled The Effect of the Shoe-Surface Interface in the Development of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Strain and the Jean T. McDaniel Award for Resident Leadership.

Doruk Erkan, MD (Fellow 2001) received the Rudd-Gardy Teaching Excellence Award, given by HSS's Division of Rheumatology.

Larry Gulotta, MD (Resident 2009, Fellow 2010) received the first place award for his podium presentation entitled, "Chondrocyte Apaptosis and Necrosis Following Osteochondral Autologous Transplantation Surgery (OATS) and Lapine Model" at the OREF 2007 Metropolitan Area Resident Research Symposium.

Sanjay Kumar Gupta, MBBS, MD (Fellow 2006) was appointed as orthopaedic specialist at Danbury Hospital.

Sheryl Handler, MD (Fellow 2005) had her second baby, Aiden Marcus Matasar, on September 24, 2005.

Brothers Timothy Johnson, MD (Resident 2001, Fellow 2002) and David Johnson, MD (Resident 2001) have recently established a new practice, the National Sports Medicine Institute, in suburban Washington, DC.

Robert G. Marx, MD (Fellow 2000) was a Visiting Professor at the Mayo Clinic and presented Orthopedic Grand Rounds, as well as Sports Medicine Grand Rounds. He also, presented an invited lecture on shoulder stabilization surgery at the European Society for Sports Medicine, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy held in Porto, Portugal.

Peter J. Millett, MD, MSc (Resident 2000) leads the Musculoskeletal Proteomics research group at Harvard, who have made a pioneering breakthrough in osteoarthritis research by discovering a molecular "fingerprint" for osteoarthritis. He is also an Associate Surgeon at the Steadman Hawkins clinic in Vail, Colorado.

L. Nandini Moorthy, MD, MS, FAAP (Fellow 2003) was awarded the AF Investigator Award for "Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Preliminary Validation of a New Health Related QOL Scale." Dr. Moorthy developed SMILEY (Simple Measure of Impact of Lupus Erythematosus in Youngsters) from her research as an HSS fellow. She is also in the process of creating a "Pediatric Rheumatology Center for Excellence" at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey. Dr. Moorthy, MD received the Visiting Professorship Award ACR/AMGEN from Jersey Shore Medical Center and renewed his AF Investigator Award.

Neal Moskowitz, MD, PhD (Fellow 2009) was named the inner of the Charles Christian, MD Award for Excellence in Musculoskeletal Research for his paper entitled Regulation of Human Macrophage and Osteoclast Differentiation by Interaction with Extracellular Matrix.

Daryl Osbahr, MD (Resident 2010) was awarded the NYSSOS AAOS NOLC Resident Competition Award. The award is presented annually to a resident who demonstrates a commitment to leadership within the field of orthopaedic surgery, including an interest in health policy issues affecting the AAOS.

Andrew D. Pearle, MD, (Resident 2004, Fellow 2005) Dr. Pearle and colleagues received two awards at the AOSS Annual Meeting: The Aircast Award for Basic Science was presented to Frank Petrigliano, MD, (Fellow 2010); Volker Musahl, MD, (Fellow 2009); Musa Citak, MD; Eduardo Suero, MD, and Dr. Pearle for their study of “The Effect of Meniscal Loss on Knee Stability After Single-Bundle ACL Reconstructions: A Cadaveric Experiment”; and The Cabaud Memorial Award was presented to Volker Musahl, MD, (Fellow 2009); Asheesh Bedi, MD, (Fellow 2009); Musa Citak, MD; Padhraig O’Loughlin, MD; Daniel Choi, MS, and Dr. Pearle for their study of “A Comparison of Single and Double Bundle ACL Reconstructions on Pivot Shift Kinematics in ACL and Meniscus Deficient Knees.”

Michael Ryan, MD (Fellow 2000) is the Director of Implant Surgery at Southern California Permanente Group San Diego, California.  He resides in Carlsbad, CA with his wife, Laurene, and two sons, Michael and James. Dr. Ryan competed as a member of a 5-man team in the 2005 Camp Pendelton Hard Corps Race Series 10K mud run and was awarded first place.

Adam B. Shafritz, MD (Resident 2000) was elected President of the Vermont Orthopaedic Society.

Steve Sharon, MD (Fellow 2002) opened an MRI center in Staten Island, New York. He was also a speaker at the Annual Arthroscopy Association of North America Conference and was co-author on the text Orthopaedic MRI; Articular Cartilage Chapter.

Daniel J. Solomon, MD (Fellow 2005) was appointed to the AAOS Board of Specialty Societies as the AOSSM community representative. In addition, he joined the editorial board of the Journal of Arthroscopy and became the co-editor of the AOSSM publication Sports Medicine Update.

Kevin M. Trapp, MD (Fellow 2004) joined the medical staff at St. Anthony Community Hospital. He has an extreme interest and specialized training in joint replacement, including revision of the hip, knee and shoulder. Dr. Trapp was named one of the 2009 Rising Stars of Orange County by the Junior League of Orange County, Leadership Orange and the Orange County Chamber of Commerce. The award recognizes individuals ages 21-40 who are up-and-coming leaders in their professional and volunteer lives.

Leslie Beasley Vidal, MD (Resident 2004) and her husband, Armando Vidal, had a baby boy, Maxwell Vidal, on June 17, 2005 and had their second child in August 2006.

James Voos, MD (Resident 2009, Fellow 2010) received the third place award during the OREF 2007 New York Metropolitan Area Resident Research Symposium for his poster presentation, "Outcomes of Combined Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff and Labral Repair."

William Walter, MD (Fellow 2003) was awarded a PhD in Surgery from the University of New South Wales in December 2006 for his thesis entitled "Severe Biomechanical Conditions in Total Hip Replacement."

Andrew A. Willis, MD (Resident 2002 and Fellow 2004) joined the New York Jets Football medical staff as Association Team Orthopaedist.

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HSS Staff

Richard S. Bockman, MD, PhD, was appointed as a representative for The American Society of Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR) to serve on the Clinical Research Subcommittee of The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.

Adele Boskey, PhD, was elected into the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering's (AIMBE) College of Fellows for her contribution to medical and biological engineering. The College of Fellows represents the top two percent of medical and biological engineering. The College of Fellows is a leader, advocating for public policies facilitating progress in medical and biological engineering research and development to benefit public health. Also Dr. Boskey was named to the editorial advisory board of the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.

Edward V. Craig, MD, MPH, received the HSS 2009 Wholeness of Life Award. The award from the Health Care Chaplaincy recognizes the spiritual dimension of health care.

Jonathan T. Deland, MD, Chief of the Foot and Ankle Service at HSS, recently received the Foundation’s Service Excellence Award and was presented with a $10,000 gift donation in support of his research.

Steven Goldring, MD, Chief Scientific Officer, was the Plenary Speaker at the European Society of Clinical Investigation in Geneva, Switzerland. He was also a program organizer, speaker and session chair at the Segal North American Workshop on Osteoarthritis and a co-organizer of ACR Rheumatology Fellows Research Workshop, both held in Chicago, IL. Dr. Goldring also served as a member of the Organizing Committee for the 2nd International Conference on Osetoimmunology in Rhodes, Greece. He received the Paul Klemperer Award and Medal, and gave the 21st Paul Klemperer Lecture on "Pathology Teaches Physiology." The honor is presented by the New York Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation and New York Academy of Medicine to an individual for outstanding achievements and contributions to the study of connective tissues and their diseases. This is considered one of the most prestigious awards in the area of musculoskeletal disease. Dr. Goldring was a speaker at the AAOS Symposium on Advanced Imaging and Computer Assisted Surgery of the Knee and Hip held in Providence, RI. Dr. Goldring also served as a member of the Organizing Committee for the 2nd International Conference on Osteoimmunology in Rhodes, Greece as well as co-organizer of the ACR Rheumatology Fellows Research Workshop in Chicago.

David L. Helfet, MD, was inducted into the Johns Hopkins University Society of Scholars. The Society of Scholars inducts former fellows who have gained marked distinction elsewhere in their fields of physical, biological, medical, social or engineering sciences or in the humanities.

Joseph M. Lane, MD, received the inaugural JBJS/ ORRF Orthopaedic Journal Club Award at the University of California at Davis, where he also gave a presentation at Grand Rounds.

Thomas Lehman, MD, presented the main oration for the Indian Society of Pediatric Rheumatology held in Nagpur, India.

Michael D. Lockshin, MD, received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the New York Chapter of Arthritis Foundation. The Foundation noted of Dr. Lockshin it is the "...rare combination of being enthusiastic mentor and trusted colleague while integrating science and medicine that has made you such an important part of the rheumatology community-and a perfect candidate for the Chapter's Lifetime Achievement Award." Also, Dr. Lockshin was an invited speaker at the EuroLupus Project meeting and served on the Advisory Committee for the7th European Lupus Congress both held in Amsterdam. HE was also an invited speaker at the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) meeting in Paris.

Stephen Lyman, PhD, in collaboration with Robert G. Marx, MD, MSc, FRCSC, (Fellow 2000), Douglas E. Padgett, MD, (Resident 1989) and Timothy Wright, PhD, received a two-year jump-start fund through the Challenge Grant for a study on “Referral Patterns and Risk of Early Revision after Primary Total Joint Arthoplasty.” Dr. Wright and Dr. Padgett and other colleagues received an award as one of the two top scientific posters at the 19th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons for “A Study of Retrieved Mobile Bearing Knee Replacements.”

Anna Miller, MD, (PGY5) received the distinguished Housestaff award at Center Alumni Council Awards Dinner at Weill Cornell Medical Center.

Andrew J. Weiland, MD, had the honor of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand establishing a research endowment totaling $500,000 in his name. The Andrew J. Weiland Medal for Innovation in Hand Surgery will fund an annual research award of $20,000 to be given to one individual for outstanding clinical research in hand surgery. The first award was granted in 2009. Dr. Weiland was also elected Vice-Chair of the American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand.

Timothy Wright, PhD, served on a special study section to review grant applications for NIAMS Musculoskeletal Diseases Research Core Centers. Also, Dr. Wright was invited participant in the NIAMS Musculoskeletal Biology and Diseases Roundtable held in Bethesda, MD. The roundtable is one of five designed to inform the development of NIAMS' new Long-Range Plan for fiscal years 2010-2014. Dr. Wright lectured at the Maine Orthopaedic Review Course and directed a four-day continuing education course on musculoskeletal biomechanics, held in Lake Placid, NY, sponsored by Cornell University. In addition, Dr. Wright was invited to join the faculty for the Inaugural Education Conference of the International Congress for Joint Reconstruction in Orlando, FL. Also, Dr. Wright attended the Board of Specialty Societies meeting of the AAOS in Colorado Springs as the research representative of the Knee Society. He was the Grand Rounds Speaker and the Research Fellows Award invited speaker for the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

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