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Center for Hip Preservation

Our Difference

“Specialists and researchers are leading the way in diagnosis and treatment of hip disorders that will relieve and preserve.”

First of Its Kind

Our Center is among the first of its kind to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to hip care, preservation and treatment as well as education and research. Combining the medical expertise of specialists and researchers in the fields of orthopedics, radiology, physiatry, physical therapy and bio-engineering, the Center is leading the way in diagnosis and treatment of hip disorders that will relieve and preserve while providing patients with the best and most up-to-the minute medical care.

“The whole is greater than the individuals. We perform more hip arthroscopies than any other center in the country.”

The Center for Hip Preservation provides a comprehensive approach to diagnosing and treating hips, in both adolescents and adults, from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and recovery. Our treatment approaches aim to preserve the hip so that it both functions and is pain-free. Our medical experts carefully evaluate each patient to make an accurate diagnosis and to provide the best treatment possible, both surgical and nonsurgical. Our caring and committed staff is dedicated to its patients, and works hard to make sure that patient needs are met.


Our Center researchers are establishing a clinical database to evaluate diagnosis and treatment options that will benefit our patients as well as the outside world. Researchers are focusing on new ways and techniques to treat hip pain. One of the goals of the Center's research will be to learn if hip arthroscopy will change the course of arthritis. Research will look deeper into the underlying causes of osteoarthritis of the hip through imaging and biomechanical studies and focus on new surgical techniques and hip preserving procedures.


Our registry, now in development, will enable our clinicians to analyze clinical, radiographic and imaging data on patients to document outcomes two, five, ten and twenty years following treatment. The registry will help investigators learn which patients make the best candidates for hip arthroscopy and will aid in the development of optimal standards of care and treatment, as well as nonoperative solutions.


Our Center web pages offer detailed descriptions of conditions, treatment options and procedures to provide patients with the information they need to manage their care.