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Navigating Hip & Knee Revision Costs

Navigating Hip & Knee Revision Costs

Make sure you're asking the critical questions to make the best decision for your care

Not all hospitals achieve the same results

Hip or knee revision surgeries have the capacity to improve your mobility, strength and coordination. But not all hospitals will produce the same result. Some are more reliable than others. With the help of the HSS Hospital Cost Estimator, you can make sure you're asking the critical questions to find the hospital that's right for you. Understanding the data points below will help you avoid unnecessary setbacks and avoidable costs. Learn why we chose these factors.


Hip and Knee Revision Overview


Surgical procedure in which an old knee or hip implant is removed and a new implant put in place. Sometimes bone grafts are used to fill any voids where bone has deteriorated. Also called "reoperation."


Takes place in a hospital or ambulatory surgery center.

Length of hospital stay

Ranges from less than one day to several days, depending on the complexity of the procedure and your overall health.

Services included

The hospital price estimate includes:

  • Room and board
  • Care in the operating room
  • Tests and X-rays done in the hospital
  • Medications given in the hospital
  • Nursing and physical therapy in the hospital

Other professional services, such as those provided by your surgeon or anesthesiologist, are billed for separately.

Senior woman walking her dog in the park

Sally  Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville, FL

My doctor is one of those rare physicians who practices his craft as a calling rather than a job. He is a true healer. What is even more stunning is that this professionalism and passion for treating the whole person is evident throughout the entire HSS spectrum of care.

Knee Replacement

Woman smiling happily Success Rate


Of HSS patients reported improvement within 12 months after their treatment

Out of 62 responses, 71% response rate

Source: HSS Internal Data, 2020


Today, I move easily and without pain, thanks to the skill and dedicated care of my surgeons and the HSS nursing and technical staff.

Margaret, Hip Revision

Patient Experience

Of patients would recommend HSS; over the national average of 72%

Source: CMS Care Compare



HSS In-Hospital



Represents hospital-wide care. Lower is better

Source: CMS Care Compare

Avoidable Hospital Visits





Represents hospital-wide care. Lower is better

Source: CMS Care Compare

Senior woman taking a selfie from a rooftop


I never though I would be able do the things I loved again... I am forever grateful to my doctor and everyone at HSS.

Deborah, Hip Revision

Procedure Volume

Hip & knee revisions per year, that’s 128% more than the next leading hospital

Source: 2017 CMS Inpatient Utilization Public Use File

Cost Efficiency

Less expensive over time than the national average

0.92 HSS vs. 1.0 National. Lower is better.
Hospital overall 30-day episode cost ratio.

Source: CMS Care Compare


In orthopedics + rated high performing in hip and knee replacements

11 years in a row


In orthopedics + rated high performing in hip and knee replacements

11 years in a row

Get an estimate in 2 simple steps

Step 1: Download the Hospital Cost Estimator

The Hospital Cost Estimator gives you valuable data about your procedure to think about alongside price. Our helpful worksheet makes it easy for you to compare different hospitals.

Step 2: Use the calculator to get your price

Use our calculator tool to get your personalized price estimate. Record that number on the Hospital Cost Estimator you just downloaded for a complete picture of the services you'd be paying for.