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2014-2015 Hand Therapy Fellow

Danielle Watts PT, DPT is the 2014-2015 HSS Hand Therapy Fellow. Carol Page, PT, DPT, CHT is Senior Director at HSS Rehabilitation and directs the fellowship program. Questions about the program can be directed to Carol at pagec@hss.edu.

Carol: How did you become interested in the specialty of Hand Therapy?

Danielle: I first became interested in hand therapy when I was a little girl setting out the activities for my grandmother to do after her stroke, but I didn’t realize we doing therapy at the time. I just thought she was playing fun games. Then, when I was in college I worked closely with the hand therapist in the rehab department and realized how creative and unique therapy for the hand was.

Carol: Why did you choose to participate in a Hand Therapy Fellowship?

Danielle: I chose to participate in a hand therapy fellowship to enhance my skills in treating and splinting of the hand, but I also wanted to be as prepared as possible when I took the CHT exam.

Carol: What experiences were most helpful in preparing you to be a hand therapy fellow?

Danielle: Every experience I’ve had in rehab helped to prepare me to be a hand therapy fellow from my hand therapy final project in PT school to working in acute care, and finally working with two excellent PT, CHTs in my last clinic. Each of those situations taught me different ways to look not just at the injury, but the person as a whole.

Carol: What are some aspects of the HSS Hand Therapy Fellowship that you have found most valuable?

Danielle: While all aspects of the fellowship were valuable, the splint labs, being able to attend the 7 am Hand Conference with the hand surgeons, and working closely with the Surgical Fellows at the Hand Clinic were most valuable.

Carol: How will you apply what you’ve learned as you move forward in your career?

Danielle: My hope after the fellowship is to find a facility where I can work as a hand therapist. I would also want to look for a place that does a fair amount of splinting so I don’t lose the skills I’ve learned here.

Danielle Watts