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As recent graduates, you will

  • Receive a complimentary Alumni Card
  • Your annual dues will be waived for the first two years post-graduation
  • You should also have received your framed graduation photo as a gift coutrtesy of the Alumni Association. (If you have not received your frame, please contact alumni@hss.edu)
In addition to joining the proud tradition of HSS alumni, there are many important benefits available to HSS alumni who stay in touch and pay their dues.

We hope you keep in touch and return for future Alumni Meetings and events!

Orthopaedic Residency Class of 2013

Back: Marschall B. Berkes, MD; Milton T. M. Little, MD

Benjamin A. McArthur, MD; Moira M. McCarthy, MD; Alison F. Kitay, MD; Samuel A. Taylor, MD

Edward V. Craig, MD, MPH; Thomas P. Sculco, MD; Mathias P. Bostrom, MD

Fellowship Class of 2013

Back: Christopher Ryan Martin, MD; Andrew L. Merritt, MD; Richard W. Kang, MS, MD; Demetris Delos, MD; Kristofer J. Jones, MD; Danyal H. Nawabi, FRCS (Orth); Tiffany Melissa Bohon, MD; Eric Weston Lloyd, MD; Brett Lurie, BSc (Med), MBBS (Hons 1); Pingal A. Desai, MBBS; Kenneth Lauchlan Chambers, MD, MPH; Jeffrey Dane Stimac, MD; Jeremy M. LaMothe, MD; Saravanaraja Muthusamy, MS (Orthopaedics); Parth Ashok Vyas, MBBS, MS; Christine Marie Seaworth, MD; Jason Jeffrey Halvorson, MD; Matthew Philip Abdel, MD; Thomas Owen, MD; Olusanjo O. Adeoye, MD; Joseph Adjei Ogyaadu, MD; Michael Paul Ast, MD; Anukul Panu, MD, FRCPC; Vasileios I. Sakellariou, MD, MSc, PhD; Woojin Cho, MD, PhD; Jan Fritz, MD; Jonathan M. Vigdorchik, MD; Aubrey Jade Slaughter, MD; Stephen Joseph Massimi, MD; Thomas Karoor John, MD; Michael Lyon Loftus, MD; Lucas Pugh, MD; Judith L. Kaplan, MD; Kathleen L. Davenport, MD; Matthew Charles Diamond, MD, PhD; Alon Terry, MD

Cathal John Garrett Moran, MD; Stephen Caleb Haskins, MD; Ayushi Chugh, MD; Eghosa Omoregie, MD; Marios-Nikolaos Lykissas, MD, PhD; Shen-Ying (Richard) Ma, MD; Ali M. Maziad, MB, Bch; MaCalus Vinson Hogan, MD; Thomas A. Caggiano, MD; Haruki Ueda, MD; Katherine Chuy, MD; Christen-Jennifer Lee, MD, Nina Suh, MD; Kevan Christopher Stanton, MD; Elana Jaye Bernstein, MD; Guilherme Holck, MD; Eugene T.H. Ek, MBBS, PhD; Motasem Abdel Muhdi Al Maaieh, MBBS; Susan Su Yeon Kim, MD; Mazda Farshad, MD, MPH; Christina Mertelsmann- Voss, MD; Joshua Elchanan Schroeder, MD; John Blanco, MD, Director, Fellowship Programs; Thomas P. Sculco, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief

Not Pictured:
Trevor Raymond Banka, MD; O. Folorunsho Edobor-Osula, MD, MPH; Shari Tamar Jawetz, MD; Yatin Kirane, MBBS, D.Ortho, MS, PhD; Denis Nam, MD (2012–13 Chief Fellow); Sephalie Y. Patel, MD
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