In vivo evaluation of AxoGuard® Nerve Protector, NeuraWrap™, and vein wrap as a nerve protector in an induced scar tissue bed


Steve K. Lee, MD

Project Description

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the response of nerves to different nerve wraps in a mouse model with an induced scarred tissue bed.  We will be using IL-4/IL-10 null mice, which show increased scarring, to evaluate the sciatic nerve response to three nerve wraps following the creation of a scarred tissue bed.  Muscular tissues surrounding the sciatic nerves of both left and right rear legs will be dissected to expose the nerve; each nerve will be isolated out of the tissue bed, and wrapped with either AxoGuard (porcine submucosa), NeuraWrap (bovine type I collagen), vein wrap, or no wrap (sham control). The rats will be sacrificed at 2 month and 4 month intervals. Endpoint testing will include assessment of neovascularization, adhesion, scarring, nerve gliding, nerve histology and nerve function. The student will be able to participate in study design, assisting with the animal surgery, endpoint testing, and manuscript preparation.

This position has been filled.