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Foot and Ankle Service

Tone / Rocker Bottom Shoes

Rocker bottom shoes are used to transfer weight, reduce pressure and limit motion. The sole configuration shifts the body forward reducing energy consumption, propelling the foot to transition from heel strike to toe off in one quick sweep. The configuration of the rocker sole and the position of the apex determine where pressure is reduced.

Tone shoes and sneakers are constructed with rocker soles which are generically configured. There are two types of Tone rocker shoes: stable and unstable. The stable version only affects the sagittal plane (front and back motion) and the unstable affects the sagittal and frontal planes (front and back motion along with side to side).

There are six different types of rocker soles.

Toe off Rocker

Toe off Rocker (forefoot) apex is positioned to inhibit motion at the MP joints, allowing the IP joints push off at most distal point of foot contact.
Indication for use: limited toe motion, heavy toe callous and mild drop foot.


Ankle Joint Rocker

Ankle Joint Rocker apex is positioned to reduce impact at heel strike lessening the demands for ankle motion.
Indications for use: limited front and back ankle motion, ankle arthritis and ankle fusion.


MTP Joint Rocker

MTP Joint Rocker (forefoot) apex is positioned to limit the motion through the MP joints.
Indications for uses: mild forefoot overload, limited forefoot motion and forefoot arthritis.


Metatarsal Head Rocker

Metatarsal Head Rocker (forefoot) apex is positioned to reduce reaction forces to the metatarsal heads.
Indication: mild-moderate forefoot overload including callous and neuromas.


Negative Heel Rocker

Negative Heel Rocker offloads the forefoot encouraging a heel gait. The reduced heel maintains the forefoot in dorsiflexion.
Indications for use: chronic forefoot overloads heavy callous and plantar ulcerations.


Double Rocker

Double Rocker absorbs plantar mid foot forces.
Indications for use: mid foot limited motion arthritis and Charcot plantar prominences.