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HSS eConsult Sample Opinion

What should I expect from my HSS eConsult Second Opinion?

You will receive a detailed analysis of your condition and treatment options in your email within 10-14 days and it will look something like this:

Next steps

After you have read over your second opinion thoroughly, your patient coordinator can help you answer any additional questions so you can make an informed decision.

The findings from the HSS eConsult Second Opinion could:

  1. Agree with your doctor’s first opinion on the diagnosis and treatment plan
  2. Agree with the diagnosis, but suggest a different treatment plan or additional treatment options
  3. Have a different diagnosis and treatment plan than your first opinion

HSS suggests reviewing your HSS eConsult Second Opinion with your local physician to discuss any additional medical questions or treatment options that may have arisen with the second opinion.

If you would like to make an in-person appointment with your HSS eConsult Physician (or another physician at HSS), we recommend reaching out to the doctor’s office directly or contacting our Ambassador Services at 212.606.1610.