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How Much Does an HSS eConsult Cost?

A one-time fee for peace of mind

HSS eConsult is competitively priced to give you an accurate diagnosis of your medical condition quickly and in the convenience of your home.

The cost of an HSS eConsult is $800. Payment is required by credit card once you request your online second opinion from an expert HSS physician. All services are covered under the one-time fee, including:

  • Your personal care coordinator
  • Collecting and digitizing all your relevant medical records
  • Your HSS eConsult Second Opinion
  • A recommended course of treatment
  • Follow-up questions and HSS physician referrals

HSS eConsult is not covered by health insurance, but you are able to use your Health Spending Account (HSA) and/or your Flex Spending Account (FSA) for reimbursement.