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The Value of Social Work: Past Present & Future

A Presentation in Honor of National Professional Social Work Month 2018

Social work is one of the oldest professions dedicated to supporting individuals, families and communities throughout the lifespan.

The profession is built on values common to the basic tenets of human behavior within socioeconomic ecosystems, including healthcare. While traditional social work skills continue to have a valuable place in today’s society, there are endless opportunities to apply social work core competencies to a wide range of professions.

This presentation took attendees on a personal journey through a social work career in unconventional places.

Click on the image below to view the March 26, 2018, presentation.

Image - Photo of Laura Robbins, DSW, and title slide of her presentation.

Learning Objectives

  • Revisit social work values as the foundation for endless applicability
  • Present social work skills as transferable assets for all professions
  • Raise awareness about the future of the social work profession in today’s changing healthcare environment

About Laura Robbins, DSW

Laura Robbins is Senior Vice President, Global & Academic Affairs and the Designated Officer for Graduate Medical Education at HSS. She joined the Hospital in 1989 as Director of Community Education and has been an Associate Professor at Weill Cornell Medical College since 1995.

Dr. Robbins has also held many national appointments, including as Chair of the National Arthritis Foundation in 2004-2006.

In her current role, Dr. Robbins leads and supports an array of programmatic activities across the continuum of academics related to the preparation for medical school, undergraduate, graduate and continuing medical education, as well as educational programming for public and patient populations. She is also responsible for developing and aligning the academic vision of HSS with its global strategic plan to transfer knowledge and expertise around the world.

Dr. Robbins has the responsibility for strategic planning to meet, exceed and develop best practices for regulatory requirements such as Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education, Accreditation Council on Continuing Medical Education, Joint Commission and the New York State Department of Health.

A major part of achieving the academic mission of HSS is ensuring collaboration with Weill Cornell Medical College to align academic goals for faculty and improvement of physician education and training in a changing healthcare environment. To this end, she teaches research courses annually and is appointed to academic committees at the Medical College.

Dr. Robbins holds a doctorate in social work (DSW) from the City University of New York, Hunter College School of Social Work.



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Laura Robbins, DSW
Senior Vice President, Education Institute & Global Affairs, Hospital for Special Surgery
Associate Scientist, Research Division, Hospital for Special Surgery

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