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Rehabilitation After a Total Shoulder Replacement: Video Series

This video series demonstrates the stages of rehabilitation you are likely to experience following a total shoulder replacement (TSR). The material presented here is for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as an exercise program. Please follow the advice of your physician or physical therapist for an appropriate exercise program for you.

Part 1: Initial Stages after a Total Shoulder Replacement: Protecting Your Shoulder and Retaining Movement (06:59)

Includes the following information:
  • Total Shoulder Replacement Indications
  • Wearing a Sling
  • Sleeping in a Sling
  • Gentle Shoulder Blade Exercises
  • Gentle Passive Range of Motion Exercises
  • Gentle Hand and Wrist Exercises
  • Elbow Flexion-Extension
  • Overhead Exercises using a Cane
  • Side to side Exercises using a Cane

Part 2: Progressive Stages after a Total Shoulder Replacement: Building on Your Strength (06:07)

Includes the following information:
  • Exercising with a Strap
  • Codman Pendulum Exercises
  • Pulley Exercises
  • Theraband Exercises: Towards the Body
  • Theraband Exercises: Across the Body
  • Free Weight Exercises
  • Isometrics


Jennifer Petrakis, PT, DPT
Hospital for Special Surgery Rehabilitation Department

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