Increase Your Mileage: For a Half Marathon Infographic

Ramping up your mileage to train for a half marathon involves planning ahead and putting your body in the best condition. The most important thing is to train to run, not just run to train. Structured training will help you develop your muscles and endurance, while limiting your chance of injury. In order for you to be able to complete the 13.1 miles, HSS performance and rehabilitation experts provide tips for increasing your mileage safely. They recommend:

  • Scheduling your runs on a weekly basis
  • Cross training to give your muscles a break
  • Working on core stability and stretching
  • Not overtraining - too much too soon can lead to injury
  • Find an online training program to keep you on track

This is one of many infographics and resources from our Running Treatments and Conditions section.

Infographic showing road map on how to increase your running mileage"


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