HSS Healthcare Research Institute Advances Research in Patient Care

Adapted from the Spring 2014 issue of Discovery to Recovery

HSS has established the HSS Healthcare Research Institute under the leadership of Associate Scientist Stephen Lyman, PhD, to serve as the academic home for clinical and population health research at HSS. HSS has long been a world leader in clinical, translational, and basic research in orthopedics and rheumatology. Its scientists and physicians currently publish more than 300 academic journal articles each year.

The HSS Healthcare Research Institute has several functions at the hospital including (1) managing its institutional patient registries that collect patient information including tissue samples, clinical observations, and self-reported outcomes; (2) serving as a resource to further elevate clinical research at HSS through career development and education; and (3) expanding HSS’s population health research to have the greatest impact on the future of musculoskeletal care delivery.

“Our scientists and physicians have always been very productive in clinical research. The HSS Healthcare Research Institute will enhance our ability to leverage the enormous breadth of clinical material we have as the nation’s largest provider of musculoskeletal healthcare,” says Steven R. Goldring, MD, chief scientific officer.

With its state-of-the-art technology, large patient volume in its specialty areas of orthopedics and rheumatology, and highly skilled “bench to bedside” teams of scientists and physicians, HSS can swiftly translate scientific breakthroughs into clinical treatments. The HSS Healthcare Research Institute is a tremendous resource in advancing musculoskeletal research and patient care.

“The world of healthcare research has moved beyond analyzing the results of a specific surgical procedure among a defined patient population,” says Dr. Lyman. “We now need to ask ‘how does the procedure compare to other treatments and what is its value in an era of increasingly scarce medical resources?’ These new questions require different study designs and new areas of expertise and specialization. The HSS Healthcare Research Institute will enable our institution to continue to conduct clinical and population health research that brings the maximum benefit to patients in need of musculoskeletal care.”

The HSS Healthcare Research Institute faculty and staff is conducting new research, drawing upon HSS registries as well as state and national data sets.

Current research includes an analysis of how and why patients travel for joint replacement surgery; which vulnerable patients do not have access to centers of excellence; the likelihood and causes of weight loss following total knee replacement; and developing a new tool to measure recovery after ACL reconstruction surgery in athletes.

“HSS has unsurpassed access to data and expertise in musculoskeletal medicine. The HSS Healthcare Research Institute ensures that HSS can leverage this data to really make a difference for patients going forward,” says Thomas P. Sculco, MD, surgeon-in-chief.

Read the full Discovery to Recovery Spring 2014 issue.

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