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Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) Center

Computer Assisted Surgery Center for Professionals

Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) Center for Professionals

The Hospital for Special Surgery CAS Center aims to develop and validate surgical navigation and medical robotics in orthopedic surgery. HSS is uniquely positioned to pioneer CAS technologies with the integration of important assets which are exclusive to the hospital.

HSS is home to clinical leaders from all fields of orthopedics, working with a high clinical volume in facilities that are equipped to perform all varieties of orthopedic procedures. Our Biomechanics faculty is internationally recognized and we possess the ability to design implants and instrumentation "in-house." Since HSS also maintains strong relationships with implant companies, we are in an enviable position to facilitate and streamline the surgical process.

These factors, combined with the anticipated opening of our state-of-the-art O/R research lab, point to a bright future in computer assisted surgery at HSS.